July 1, 2017

About SportsCare USA, Inc.​​

Developed from the consumer perspective, SportsCare was founded in 1989 by former Centenary College Basketball Coach, Tommy Canterbury, as a program to deliver sports medicine and wellness services to athletes.  Although initially rooted in traditional sports medicine strategy, such as aligning team physicians with schools, the program rapidly evolved in both scope and influence.  By broadening the sports community to include private clubs, weekend warrior groups, community events and everything “physically active,” the opportunity to reach a more targeted demographic of young families, commercially insured patients and health care decision makers greatly increased.  SportsCare’s philosophy expands the clinical view of sports medicine beyond just orthopedics and rehabilitation. Promoting access to other service lines increases ROI and the opportunity to expand patient volume.

Sports medicine business is built on access and relationships.  The backbone of SportsCare’smarketing strategy has always been to create relationships with community drivers.  Relationships are developed by on-site outreach liaisons hired, trained and managed by SportsCare USA.  As a part of the SportsCare team, these liaisons utilize the SportsCare network to share protocols and best practices from SportsCare’s 25+ years of experience.  Areas of sharing include medical coverage plans, access protocols, service line promotion, social media, health education programs and ROI tracking.

Finally, SportsCare’s tracking application brings a new level of accountability to outreach marketing.  Demographic data is collected on consumers using the SportsCare concierge service as well as participants at partner organizations and events.  This data is reconciled against hospital billing data to track utilization and enhance clinical and educational offerings.

Since 1989, SportsCare USA has implemented these strategies to drive volume for over 100 health care providers in more than 40 markets.