July 1, 2017

Physically Active Market

Why target the physically active market?

Physically active groups, organizations, and individuals provide a unique patient acquisition opportunity reaching targeted consumers in the marketplace. 

 Benefits of this market segment include:

  • Desirable Patient Base
    • Young family demographic
    • Commercially insured
    • Opportunity to broaden the market beyond “traditional” school sports targets

  • Segmentation of events and groups allow for easy targeting
    • Organization participants are segmented by geography, age, gender and cost of entry
    • Common injuries or health issues are often correlated with specific sports or activities

  • Direct Relationship Opportunities
    • Identifiable contacts influence business
    • Coaches, athletic trainers, parents, group/league directors
    • Opportunities to utilize established communication channels are available
    • Organizations have multiple communication platforms in place, such as meetings, newsletters, social media, web, etc.

  • Healthy Patients
      Physically active individuals provide a healthier patient base which may lead to better clinical outcomes.

  • Expanded Service Line Benefits
      Physically active participants utilize multiple service lines across many specialties, including:
      • Rehabilitation
      • Emergency Services
      • Imaging
      • Family Practice
      • Women’s Services
      • Neurological Services
      • Cardiology